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What does Mario Paint have to do with necklaces?  Plenty.  In 2010, I met this girl Leah, at this color-and-light-filled rave in the East Coast of Florida.  Both she and I were 20 and 22, in that order.  Then I saw some pictures of the necklaces she’d created.

Those are some of the necklaces she made.

It really made me wonder if necklaces could be made based off the Mario Paint stamp templates on my web-site.

I asked her if she would use my stamp designs in her necklaces, and she asked me which ones I’d like made.  So I chose carefully from Super Mario Bros. 2.



And there you go: proof that you can bring anything you can imagine to life.

Now, what about reverse-engineering? That is, what if I took the designs from the necklaces, and translated them into Mario Paint?

Middle and Right: Game Boy Pocket. Left: Mario Paint's default Game Boy stamp. Talk about destiny.

3 out of 4 of Ms. Pac-Man's ghosts

Ice Cream Treats