Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:
the Arcade Game

Really, the proper spelling of the orange one is Michelangelo, but the original TMNT comic book from 1983 mistakenly spelled it Michaelangelo, and that spelling went on into the 1987 Turtles cartoon, the 1990 movie, and of course the video-games.

A decade later, the original writer of the TMNT comic book returned for its Vol. 4 in Mirage Comics, and the spelling was finally corrected to Michelangelo, which has stayed in all future comics, the 2003 cartoon, 2007 movie, and video-games.

Foot Ninja

Foot soldier walking

Foot soldier punching

Foot soldier jumping

Foot soldier throwing stars

Ninja star

Foot soldier hurt

Foot soldier dead


Leonardo walking

Leonardo jumping

Leonardo flipping through the air

Leonardo jump-kicking

Leonardo looking at us, blinking


Donatello walking

Donatello jumping

Donatello flipping through the air

Donatello jump-kicking

Donatello looking at us, blinking


Raphael walking

Raphael jumping

Raphael flipping through the air

Raphael jump-kicking

Raphael looking at us, blinking


Michaelangelo walking

Michaelangelo jumping

Michaelangelo flipping through the air

Michaelangelo jump-kicking

Michaelangelo looking at us, blinking

That is the remainder of what I have left to do.