(Level 1-1)

Batman for the NES is one of the most extraordinarily detailed NES games of all time -- which makes it one of the most challenging things to recreate in Mario Paint. Quite honestly, I don't know how even a fraction of the game is possible at all.

Make no mistake about it, that is the entire level of 1-1, as seen in Mario Paint colors. Of course, it's too tall to fit in Mario Paint, and a million times too wide, and yet any random sample from the middle can be achieved.

My God . . . where do we begin??

Well, for starters, let's just focus on the background props.


Those are all the background props. First, the stop sign:

With that done, here's all that remains in the level:

Not too bad, once you see it like that.

Let's focus first on only the red parts.

Well, it doesn't look quite so hard when we only see the red parts, now does it?

To start out, let's do the ground. This only takes one stamp.

Of course, there is the one part in which the ground curves upward. This really only requires two additional stamps:

Now, already, we've gotten the basics out of the way. Here's all that remains:

Here's how you create the red platforms:

Yes, the lower row is just the same stamp repeated three times.

Also worth noting is that the stamp on the left is only used once in the entire level. It may not even really be necessary to recreate.

So, already, that takes care of the vast majority of the level. Here's all that still remains:

Really, only five stamps are necessary here.

You may notice that, for the lower half, everything has already been done.

And you're done. That takes care of the entire . . . yes, the ENTIRE . . . red part.

Now let's look at the brown-and-gray parts.

That's not much. Let's start with the ground - all done with five possible stamps.

Of course, at one point, this gray-and-brown ground curves.

Everything else can be pulled off with these 21 stamps:

And that's it.

Literally, that's the entire level, all done in Mario Paint.