November 29, 2011:

- I finally managed to get this web-site back up online, after it was down for a while.
- I also noticed that every image file showed up missing, and I had to fix this by personally going through each and every single .htm file on this entire web-site, and correcting the image filenames in the HTML coding, because some of the slashes were in the wrong direction before.
NES updates:
- I added a title shot of Batman to his page. This image is 5 stamps wide, and 12 stamps tall, to make 60 stamps total, except 14 of those stamps are all-black.
- I added to the Dr. Mario page: Dr. Mario tapping his feet, throwing pills, and giving up/shrugging.
- I added to the Super Mario Bros. 2 page some pages for Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool. Each page contains their character select screen sprites, and literally every other position they have in the game: Big and Little versions of all the heroes standing, walking, running, jumping, holding an object and walking and jumping, climbing, ducking, throwing, and dying.
- I added to the Super Mario Bros. 3 page with some updates for Big Mario: holding an item while walking, kicking, running, jumping, flying through the air, flipping through the air on a Starman (minus the color-changes), and sliding downward. But that’s nothing: I also split the Mario 3 page into three pages, for Mario, Luigi, and Fire, Luigi and Fire both being entirely new, and containing every possible stamp and animation, including “shooting a fireball” for Fire Mario/Luigi.
- I added a little bit to the TMNT2 page: both Leonardo and Donatello flipping through the air, 4 frames of animation per turtle, 4 stamps per frame of animation.
Super NES updates:
- In the Mario Paint page, I added a sub-section for Gnat Attack, Mario Paint’s mini-game. I added every possible stamp for 4 types of gnats, though the blue fireflies are missing so far, as well as all the boss bugs.
- I added immensely to the Super Mario World page: the Boo Buddies now have 8 stamps rather than 2, and I’ve also added the Blurp, Bullet Bill, Cheep-Cheep, Eerie, Monty Mole, Ninji, Rex, Rip van Fish, and Thwimp.
- You know what? Every single one of those updates was actually based on stuff I had finished over a year ago, and had sitting on my hard drive – in some cases, even put up on this web-site! – yet I had just neglected to publicly update with it all until now.
- Too much news; that which is older than 2011 now goes into a separate page.

August 12, 2011:

- Added a page for the arcade game TMNT, with two frames of animation for the character Krang.

September 29, 2010:

- Added a page for the Newgrounds - "No Picture" image
- Realized the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe page was missing the "Mario and Luigi shaking hands" picture, and quickly fixed it

August 24, 2010:
- Added the Twilight Zone page, with a picture up of Rod Serling. How I got to be this random, I'll never know.

August 16, 2010:
- Added a little to the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe page - the photo album picture of Mario and Luigi shaking hands.
- Added the new category "SODAS", and put up the logos for both Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

August 12, 2010:
Added a page for Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, for the Game Boy Color. Added the photo album picture of the Goomba.

July 29, 2010:
Wow, is this my first update for 2010? Well, anyway, I finally uploaded this one picture of a 1989 Batman Movie Drawing, a pretty astounding visual for Mario Paint, even in its small and shrunken form. Plenty more updates waiting for later.

Finally, I am doing things I've been meaning to finish for what feels like years.  Two new pages: DareDevil Punching Spider-Man, and Dr. Katz: Professional Therpiast. This also means that I've started a new section, "COMICS". Plenty more is to come later.

Been exactly 8 months and 3 days since I've updated. Wow. In my head, I envision lots and lots and lots more pages, over time . . . anyway. Today I put up the Super NES Jeopardy! page. So far, it contains the GameTek logo, the word "presents", and a thorough blow-by-blow of the entire title screen.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009:
Lots of updates.
- The page for Altered Beast now includes the 3rd, 4th, and 5th coins that you see between levels.
- The page for Super Mario Bros. 2 now includes one more Mario stamp - the second stamp of him ducking. The Enemies page now includes 8 stamps total for the Shyguy, double the amount it had before; 16 stamps total for the Snifits; and Flurry and Phanto have been added as well. As for the main Mario 2 page, there is now 8 stamps total for the door, as opposed to the 2 it had earlier; new stamps include the 1-Up Mushroom, beaker, Bonus Chance message, cherry, end-level ball, grass, key, empty life bar, full life bar, mushroom, mushroom blocks, POW block, shell, and veggies.

      - added a bit to the Super Mario Bros page . . . I think making it absolutely final. I updated a couple stamps that already existed (Starman, Little Mario on a Starman) to be more accurate, added some new stamps (getting a coin, Fire-Flower, fireball explosion / fireworks, cloud platform, trampoline, vine, Toad, Princess Toadstool), added a page for Luigi with absolutely every position, did the same for Fire Mario/Luigi, added a couple enemies (Lakitu, Koopa's fireballs), and corrected the name of "Bowser" to Koopa.

      - added a page for the Sega Genesis game Altered Beast.

      - added the Beatles Love Album (as well as the new section "ALBUMS").
      - recently added to both arcade games, Mario Bros. (the POW block) and Mortal Kombat 2 (Baraka stabbing).
      - recently added a bunch to the NES games Excitebike (the rider driving, and leaning backward), Super Mario Bros. (mostly stamps of Mario himself), and Yoshi! (there was only one stamp total before; now there are six).
      - didn't really add anything to the PC game Solitaire, although I did organize it into pages based on the Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades suites, as well as the King cards.
      - recently converted all files to the .png format. All files are now smaller (in that they take up less space), and look clearer.
      - recently put this whole Mario Paint guide back up online after it was down for so long.


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