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On the left is the title screen as it appears in the game, and on the right is the closest possible match in Mario Paint.

Of course, the entire screen cannot fit in Mario Paint. Everything that is not shown on the left, is seen on the right.

Repeat these 12 stamps over and over to create the ceiling lights.

However, if you want to stick to the "full capacity" scene shown above, repeat this one row of stamps.

Once you're done making the cameras, this row of stamps belongs directly underneath.

From there on, this is all that remains:


Remember that the entire background is simply these two stamps being repeated.

Start by adding the background - it should be about 5 stamps tall and 16 wide. That's the crucial first step.

Afterwards, you might also want to create a custom stamp with the square gray borders which is otherwise all black.

This covers the small categories on the left side of the image, if the third row from the top is repeated a few times (without the black line).

All in all, if you're doing it perfectly, it could so far come out like this.

To be absolutely sure, apply this stamp over what you've done so far, then finish it off with a stamp of just the lower half.

Overall, by now, it should be looking like this.

Jeopardy title - click here for full size